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For celebrating the 4th year anniversary, I’m goin to upload our OT7 photos in Thailand, never publicized before

Please wait and support INFINITE comeback!

LOVE ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥



Lay 131107 Shimshimtapa. 


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I forgot SD Card at my dorm.

now I’ve stayed in another place

so can’t upload INFINITE photos for a week(or many weeks maybe).

Sorry for the late update ): 

no-crop photo is like this. 200mm zoomed. 
130927 #OGSinBangkok Press Con with OT7

no-crop photo is like this. 200mm zoomed.

130927  Press Con with OT7


the best Infinite Cover Dance : DEFVALEN

please support them ^^

ใจเย็นน่ะ 55555555

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INFINITE mv's: 2011-2013

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